A selection of LPOG produced plays for you to upload and read for free. We hope you enjoy and find useful.  

Please get in touch if you would like to contact the writer or request permission for a perfomance.


Tussy by Jaki McCarrick

It's All About the Holidays by Micah Smith

Indignitas by Jonathan Skinner

Soon in the 4Ciable Future 

by Elizabeth Kwenortey

Copycat by Tatty Hennessy

Bottom Up by Ben Worth

Love by Numbers by Joanne Lau

Sharks are Terrorists by

Tamara von Werthern

West 11 by Paul Bradshaw

Retinas by Luke Stapleton

Consolea by Laura Jayne Ayres

Stopcock by Christine Robertson

Isabelle by Debra Baker

The Petal & The Orchid by Gabrielle Curtis & Clare Joy Langford

Humane by Polly Creed

(Polly's short was the inspiration for the full length Humane that will show later this year.)

Coconut Diaries by Stella Ajayi

Bro's by James McDermott

Swipe by Grace Carroll

A Sort of Story by 

Lydia Parker

little pieces of gold