After 10 years of discovering and producing brilliant new plays, we're celebrating with the release of Little Pieces of Gold's first play anthology, SHORT PLAYS WITH GREAT ROLES FOR WOMEN featuring 22 short plays by  Stella Ajayi, Fiona Doyle, Dipo Baruwa-Etti, Yasmin Joseph, Katherine Manners, Laura Jayne Ayres, Fran Bushe, Joanne Lau, Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi, Christine Robertson, Clare Joy Langford & Gabrielle Curtis, Tatty Hennessy, Corinne Salisbury, Grace Ivana Carroll, Sarah Hehir, Sarah Kosar, Elizabeth Kwenortey, Lydia Parker, Felix O’Brien, Jaki McCarrick, Vicki Connerty, Daisy Stenham.  Published by Routledge Books, the anthology puts women right at the centre of the action, with all women-casts of all ages and backgrounds and a fabulous foreword by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm ('Emilia')

little pieces of gold