Little Pieces of Gold 


 Established in 2010 by Suzette Coon LPOG's new writing nights have staged the plays of over 400 emerging, established and award winning writers and collaborated with as many directors and even more performers at leading London venues such as Southwark Playhouse, Park Theatre, Old Red Lion and Theatre 503. Thousands of writers have submitted their work through our open submission process and productions garner much industry interest, introduce writers to literary agents and facilitate long term creative collaborations.












'LPOG really is a little piece of gold - there's no glitter in sight. It's a great place to showcase your work'

Atiha Sen Gupta,  playwright

'Events like LPOG are crucial in supporting those who want to write for the stage - long may they continue'

Fiona Doyle,  playwright


'Doing "Slingshot" at Little Pieces of Gold was a great experience for me. Not just an opportunity to try something different from my usual work, but to do so knowing that Suzette would give me the time and care to make that experiment worthwhile'

Vinay Patel,  playwright 


'I was lucky enough to take part in two Little Pieces of Gold nights, both of which had a huge effect on my career.  The first at The Southwark Playhouse led to me being spotted by the woman who would eventually become my literary agent, while the second at The Park Theatre led to a week run of my collected short plays being produced.  It's a fantastic opportunity to get your work out there and to learn what sort of writer you are, working with talented people in fantastic venue'

James Fritz,  playwright

'I was signed by an agent who saw my piece ‘Do You Pray?’ at LPG. Suzette has curated a great platform for new work and really helps to bridge the gap between writers and industry professionals.'

Yasmin Joseph, playwright

'Theatre can feel like a closed shop and without opportunities like Little Pieces of Gold I would never have found my way in'

'It was so exciting to see the variety of work being produced on the day. It gave me a real feeling for ‘voice’ and what it means to find your ‘voice’ as a writer. The pieces were so different and sitting there watching them all I felt an overwhelming sense of place. '

Milly Thomas,  playwright


'I have directed twice for Little Pieces of Gold and consider it to be the best short writing night in London. The team behind it are incredibly supportive and have created a company culture where emerging writers and directors can collaborate to the best of our ability. I have been lucky to have worked with some fantastic writers through Little Pieces of Gold who have and will go on to do incredible work within the industry. It has allowed both directors and writers to test out our ideas and skills, take risks, try something new, and hone already developed practice; and gives young actors an opportunity to showcase their talent. Long may it continue"

Rebecca Hill,  director


'Suzette’s dedication to producing high-quality responses to thematic stimuli is a huge benefit to the industry – for audiences and artists alike. She’s incredibly supportive to her collaborators, giving us the time, assistance and resources that we need to make Little Pieces of Gold as good as the writers deserve.'

Tommo Fowler,  director






It's All About The Holidays
It's All About The Holidays

Written by Micah Smith

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Coconut Diaries by Stella Ajayi
Coconut Diaries by Stella Ajayi

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Raj by Sid Sagar
Raj by Sid Sagar

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