little pieces of gold




Little Pieces of Gold  is new writing company that was established in 2010 by artistic director, Suzette Coon. We set out to discover, nurture and develop new writing from emerging playwrights and to engage new and diverse audiences from across the UK.  Since then we've produced the work of over one hundred playwrights at leading London venues such as Southwark Playhouse, Park Theatre and Theatre 503. Thousands of writers have submitted their work 

and our showcases garner much industry interest, introduce writers to literary agents, facilitate long term creative collaborations and provide a platform for new

voices, theatre makers and performers



                 'This production is filled with a wonderful variety of wit and humour, clever concepts and poignancy.'

            Everything Theatre (Jan 2013)

          'Playwrights imagine the future in Festopia at Theatre 503'

              What to See: Lyn Gardner's Theatre Tips (Jan 2013)





'Little Pieces of Gold really is a little piece of gold - there's no glitter in sight. Its creative director Suzette is supportive and encouraging of new writing and it is a great place to showcase your work. After my short play 'TOILET' was put on at one of the events, I was picked up by a BBC person who then invited me in for meetings and a training course for writing for BBC. I really appreciate LPoG and hope that it goes on shining.'

Atiha Sen Gupta TOILET


'It's a great arena to try ideas out you may use in longer work and see what reaction it gets from the audience. I've also met and gone on to work again with directors, writers and actors through LPG. Finally, LPG enables you to show people what you do - it's helped me get longer work produced, get agents interested and get published. You really should write that short play and send it in - from the smallest acorns and all that ... ' 


 'The standard of work is high and the competition stiff so, after a few previous attempts, I was extra delighted when my short play Indignitas was selected by Little Pieces of Gold to be part of Festopia. The tech rehearsals at Theatre 503 were orchestrated with supreme professionalismby LPG's mega-unflappable stage manager Marie Kearney (by comparison the average NASA astronaut would come across as a dithering incompetent). On the night the house was packed, the performances of all the plays was spellbinding, and the audience was buzzing. Little Pieces of Gold offers writers a seriously professional yet exciting and enjoyable opportunity in a creative supportive atmosphere. 24 carats!'

Jonathan Skinner, INDIGNITAS